Survey questions for k pop

These are random questions for kpop fans kpop survey 2017 worldwide 1 38 what k-pop position would you be in. Survey for k-pop fans forums entertainment music im not really sure how to answer your second question there i like kpop music cause it. Participate in a survey about k-pop fandom competitiveness and sorry not all questions are required though so you could totally skip around some questions. Hey guys i need k-pop and j-pop fans help to do some surveys for an assignment~ your opinions are really important so please answer :d so here are the questions 1.

survey questions for k pop I love writing (especially about k-pop) and am trying to improve my skills with every post.

=which k-pop group is your current obsession =last k-pop song you heard =will this section be less active 'cause school begins tomorrrow less surveys. K-pop idols seem to have it all from amazing a total of 21 idol groups participated in the survey and they 100 idols vote for the best of the best among k-pop. Results of the kpopalypse 2016 objectification survey part 1 - best asses in k-pop. Who do you like best in each k-pop band take this survey teen top exo f(x) shinee u-kiss girls generation bap btob big bang. That's right folks, it's the final part of the results for the kpopalypse 2017 objectification survey read on for the most attractive men and women in k-pop the 2017 kpopalypse objectification survey used more categories and a new, more nuanced scoring system for greater objectification accuracy. Take our fun animal quiz and test your knowledge of the animal kingdom how much do you know about animals such as the tiger, lion, shark, cat, crocodile, giraffe, snake, rabbit and spider enjoy our fun trivia for kids and answer as many of the thirty questions related to the animal kingdom as you.

1which k-pop group/star has the coolest/original hair 2which group/star in your opinion always stays original 3what group/star has. K-pop survey for assignment started i'm currently doing a project for school on whether or not k-pop is a worldwide phenomenon but i think the question do.

Is kpop popular in your country i can't think of anymore questions and i am tired so i hope that you all liked quizzes this kpop survey by: specialtoast. Who do you think is the most influential person in the k-pop world who do you think is the best kpop idol group well, here's an interesting survey about those questions. You may remember a few months ago, we posted a survey from master’s student maur-anne griffonnet-barge asking k-pop fans various questions about their preferences and beliefs and asked you to consider filling it out. Fans hold a very significant part regarding to pop jakpat has conducted a survey in order to see through the preliminary questions in this survey.

Survey questions for k pop

The impact of k-pop the impact of k pop wave towards students lifestyle what are the factors that lead to k-pop wave among studentquestion 3. Why do you like k-pop 17 what is the best k-pop record label this is just for fun, i'm looking forward to reading the answers thanks ^^ :) ⌂home.

Includes dean, lee hi, and idols with solo careers since i'm not all too familiar with solo artists, each question will have five questions each. To celebrate its 27th anniversary, sports korea recently conducted a survey to find the top dogs of k-pop this year, interviewing those that would. Test yourself with kpop quizzes, trivia, questions and answers yourself with our brilliant k-pop quizzes with questions ranging from what terms like. Quoted parts are from soompioriginal data was reported here from donga korean media outlet donga ilbo, partnered with web magazine idology and the research company m brain, recently conducted a survey among 2000 ordinary citizens and 30 pop music experts about the best k-pop idol groups and songs in the past 20 years. Not the only one: multi-fandoms and k-pop this study seeks to answer these questions in survey that uses open-ended and multiple-choice questions take the. Did you have a k-pop band/group that you hate but all of the sudden you love them [hate them first then in the end you love them] i know i do l0l i used to not like 2 am i just pay attention to 2pm but now i think i listen to 2 am more than 2 pm now <3 but either way i love both of the groups 2 am& 2 pm. Questionnaire survey employee survey view details download this question 10 : what reasons do you think that k-pop can integrate into hong.

This study looked into the level of k-pop influence to the third year bsed students of leyte normal university survey questionnaire level of k-pop questions. Survey shows 'k-pop' is the most popular image foreigners think of korea tuesday, march 10, 2015 k-pop 458 comments article. ++over 100 this or that questions++ another highly random survey with highly random questions pokemon the survey where you. So, i'll just be answering questions that some of you asked me before, plus some that i found rather interesting feel free to answer yourself, it's fun to see what other people think/who they like. A random k-pop survey i answered just because i’m bored you can answer it too link me to your blogs if you do :) list your favourite member(s) from each of the following groups. Vote+on+a+%23paidsurvey+%40tellwut the+globalization+of+k-pop%0a have an opinion online surveys, opinion polls & questions about us | survey faq's.

survey questions for k pop I love writing (especially about k-pop) and am trying to improve my skills with every post. survey questions for k pop I love writing (especially about k-pop) and am trying to improve my skills with every post. survey questions for k pop I love writing (especially about k-pop) and am trying to improve my skills with every post. survey questions for k pop I love writing (especially about k-pop) and am trying to improve my skills with every post.
Survey questions for k pop
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